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Save a life

Give Them a Home

They Deserve

Are you ready to foster/adopt? Please fill out the application form below. Feel free to contact OTCR via email @ if you have any further questions.

Adoption/Foster Application Form


Name of animal of interest:*




Zip Code*

Phone Number*


Place of Employment*

Work Phone Number*

How long at this job?*

Spouse/Partner Name*

Spouse Phone Number

How did you hear about us?

What type of dog/cat are you looking for?*

What activity level are you looking for in a dog?*

How many hours per day will this dog/cat be home alone?*

Where will you keep this dog/cat when home alone?

Where will this dog/cat sleep?

What percentage of time will this dog/cat spend outside?*

How much do you think food, supplies, vet care, etc. will cost monthly?*

What would you do if your dog required an expensive veterinary procedure?

Current pet's name in home*

Pet Species*

Pet Breed*

Pet Sex*

Pets Spayed/Neutered?*

Select an option

Pets Kept Inside or Outside?*

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How many pets have you owned in the last 5 years?*

Where are those pets now?*

What, in your opinion, would be a reason for giving up a pet?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter, other agency, or another person?*

Select an option

If yes, please explain

Do you know what heartworm disease is?*

Select an option

If yes, please state how dogs get heartworm disease and how it is prevented.

How do you plan to prevent fleas and ticks?*

Which of these best describes your household?*

Select an option

Do you rent or own?*

Select an option

Landlord Name

Landlord Phone Number

Does your landlord require a pet deposit an/or monthly pet "fee"? *If applies*

Select an option

How many adults live in your household?*

Relationship to you of each adult living in your household*

Age of children living in home*

Do you have a completely fenced back yard?*

Select an option

If no, what will you do for the animal's elimination and exercise requirements?*

What type of fence?

Select an option

Approximate fence height

Select an option

If you had to be away for a lengthy period of time (vacation, emergency, or work travel), who will take care of your dog while you are away?*

Have you used a veterinarian in the past?

Select an option

Veterinarian's Name*

Veterinarian's Phone Number*

How long has this been your Veterinarian?

List animals you have taken to your Vet in the past 3 years:

May we contact your Vet for a reference?*

Select an option

Reference #1 Name*

Reference #1 Phone Number*

Reference #1 Email

Reference #2 Name*

Reference #2 Phone Number*

Reference #2 Email

Do we have permission to contact your references?*

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Would you agree to a home visit by a representative of our organization?*

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Is there anything else you would like to tell us?


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